Jesus, Take The Wheel

wheelI just got back from the GAP Songwriting Intensive in Franklin, TN, and it was overall an amazing trip.  Except Siri was not on my side, for navigation purposes, to one particular restaurant called Pucketts.  Upon arrival in Nashville, my friend and I were meeting up with other songwriters at Pucketts in downtown Franklin.  However, when I searched for Pucketts  on my I-phone, Siri led me away from Franklin towards Columbia about 30 minutes in the opposite direction.  We didn’t end up going, but we tried to go again on the last night we were there.  I proceeded to type in Pucketts once again,  and it said Pucketts boathouse, “Hmm!” I thought, “That’s funny!” but I told my friend let’s just trust Siri to get us there.  However, she reminded me that Siri wasn’t doing a good job so far, and decided to navigate with her android phone instead.  No sooner had I given her a spiel about just trusting Siri, when I realized she had led us astray once more, away from Pucketts.  Thank goodness my friend didn’t just trust Siri to guide us.  Cortana was definitely doing a better job navigating for us.  We still struck out on going to Pucketts, but I learned a lesson from that.  It made me realize, how important it is for us to let Jesus take the wheel in our own lives.

If we make plans first and then pray and ask Jesus for  directions later, we could lead ourselves astray missing out on what He really has for us.  On this journey with God in my own life, I have been learning this truth with my vision as a songwriter.  God has been leading me on this path of writing worship songs for the church, and He doesn’t always give a clear-cut answer to this ministry for me.  Sometimes the road ahead seems downright muddy.  One of the highlights of my trip was on the last night when my fellow songwriters and I got to share our testimonies, and our individual journeys and what led us to writing songs, and I was amazed at the vast difference of our paths.  It also reminded me, as long as I trust God, keep plugging away, and just take one step at a time, He will continue to show the way.

Sometimes, in ministry its hard to keep your heart focused on arriving at your final destination when being confronted with the many obstacles and detours along the way.  One of my favorite passages from God’s word is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”  In songwriting, just like any other career, it’s important to have set goals in mind, but it’s hard not to get sidetracked by retreats, relationships, royalties, and the whole “road to success” montage.  So, we just have to keep reminding ourselves why we’re doing it in the first place.

When God calls you to a specific career or ministry, it’s not at all about “arriving.”  In fact, I hope I never really arrive.  The validation, the accolades, and even job security, are all great milestones, but glorifying God through all of it should be our primary aim.  In fact, we shouldn’t think of success as being elevated to a certain level, but instead remember that as we humbly allow Jesus to take the wheel, we’re already on the right road.  The road that’s filled with blessing and promise, and one that will always lead us to the right destination.

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