It’s Not About Me


People can easily figure out what’s important to us just by looking at our social media.   Whether it be your Facebook page, your Instagram posts, or your saved pins on Pinterest– it’s your own personal window to the world.   So, let’s take a peak, shall we?  How do we portray ourselves?  For the most part, we’re wrapped up in what matters the most to us.  For instance, our friends, family, interests, achievements, beliefs, to name a few.  Now, I want to probe in a little closer with my “proverbial” microscope, if you don’t mind, by asking what matters the most to you? Sometimes, we share a little too much information, and really put ourselves out there.  After all, didn’t Shakespeare always say, “To thine own self be true?”  Yeah, you’ve got to spotlight yourself, once in a while.  But what if we looked beyond ourselves, and discovered a noble reason for posting.

I wrote a song recently entitled, ‘It’s All For You’ which says:

I may never hear a thunderous applause, But Your love is shining out through all my flaws, And if a 1,000 eyes are staring back at me, Let them stare right through until it’s You they see, –It’s not about me—It’s all about You–

When people visit our page, or connect with us on the internet, our lives should point people away from us and towards God.  No, I am not saying anything against posting cute little puppy photos, or fun family vacations. I love to post those myself, and keep up with what’s happening in your neck of the woods.  It truly is a blessing that God bestowed; when, He made it possible for us to be so connected all over the world.  But, all the more reason, for our unique space to testify and glorify Him.   I Cor. 10:31 states:  “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” NIV.

In the chorus it says:

It’s all for You, For Your glory, Make my life tell Your story, While there’s breath in my lungs, and praises on my tongue, It’s all for You, For Your glory, It’s all for You, For Your glory

I hope that my life story is like a song of praise, lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in highest glory.  Isaiah 59:19 says, “Then at last they will reverence and glorify the name of God from west to east. For he will come like a flood tide driven by Jehovah’s breath.” ESV.  I love the word “reverence” in this verse, which also means respect and admiration.  When we give all the honor and glory back to God, we have the opportunity to put Him up on a pedestal just so the world can be in awe.


So, now it’s your turn:

As much as possible, start centering your posts around what God is doing in Your life.  We bring Him glory, out of our life experiences, mistakes and all, which also builds up the kingdom of God.  We all need to hear a lot more of the amazing things God is doing in our lives.  Please comment below, and let me know if this post helped you, and I’d love to have you join my blog, by subscribing to this page.






2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me

  1. Lauren

    Thanks for sharing. I needed to be reminded to make sure that I give God the glory and not myself. I really appreciate all you do to shine bright for God. I see God working in you for his glory.

    • jolieo10redmusic Post author

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, Lauren. I know God will richly bless you as well as He works in you for His glory! You are one in a million, girl!!


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