A Leap of Faith

Frogs are associated with leap years

It is February 29th today, which appears on the calendar only every four years.  Leap day was devised based on the Gregorian calendar, which has 365 days to coincide with the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  So, this system helps to keep our calendars in sync with the Earth and its seasons.  Some people who have birthdays on February 29th only celebrate their special day when it actually appears on the calendar.  Waiting four long years to celebrate my birthday with cake and presents doesn’t sound too pleasant to me.  It would be like living my life as a Christian, and never really celebrating my birth in Christ.  What do I mean by that, well your salvation is not just a single event in the life of a born again believer–been there, done that, got the baptismal certificate to prove it.  No, my friend, it is the initial leap of faith of many in your journey of faith as God’s child.

Taking a leap of faith should be a natural occurrence in your life as a Christian.  God did not mean for us to remain complacent, but to fully rely on Him as we take risks and boldly follow His plan.  In my Bible study, The Armor Of God, by Priscilla Shirer, I have been looking at those faithful followers in Hebrews 11.  The faithful ones followed God without questioning where they were going, what they were doing, all with the intention of being obedient to God’s call.  Whether it made sense or not, for Noah to build an ark without ever seeing one drop of rain in his entire life, didn’t seem crazy.  For Sarah, well past child-bearing age, to trust God for His promise of giving her a child, didn’t seem impossible.  They took a leap of faith, and acted in obedience to whatever God led them to do.

Since I took a leap of faith by changing my career as a teacher, to become a Christian songwriter, the Lord has been faithful in leading me and encouraging me along the way.  Yes, at first I didn’t know what would come of it.  But, God has shown me through this, that He fully intends for every Christian to take risks and leaps of faith in their Christian walk.  How else, would we come to depend on Him, if we always had everything planned out, and knew the outcome of every undertaking.  Yes, we should think things through, but we should also be listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  When we have no choice but to trust God with our lives, that is when He shows up in power; we need only get out of the way.

When is the last time you have felt God’s prompting to take a leap of faith?  Friend, it should be almost a daily occurrence, as you abide in Christ, and let Him be the Lord of Your life.  In the songwriting biz, you feel like everything you do: submitting songs in contests;  collaborating with others; songwriting retreats,  are all a stretch in the faith department.  But, when you look to God and His plan for you, He will give you specific details as He guides you.  In my experience, He has been very specific about which songwriting retreats to go to, as well as starting this website and blog to encourage all of you.  So, I challenge you to pray and ask God specifically about the next step in your faith walk.  As you take bigger and more frequent leaps of faith, it brings you even closer to God.  Not to mention, when you entrust your life to God’s plan, it will turn out to be much greater than you could ever imagine.  What are you waiting for?

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